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The Traffic Control Group has been the leading provider of immigration, visa and tour logistics services to the Music, and related industries, since 1983. The founders of the company came from touring and music company backgrounds, giving us a true understanding of our clients’ needs.

Having never advertised, we feel that our continuing popularity, as a service provider for touring groups, is based on our commitment to professionalism, loyalty and sheer hard work.

The Traffic Control Group merged with market leading Benmar Passport and Visa Services Ltd in 2015


Please see our individual country menu for documentary requirements.

Forms on the most commonly provided services can no longer be found on these pages, you will now need to liaise directly with a member of Benmar / TCG staff. This is due to the constant changes in forms and requirements, causing previous sites to be out of date almost as soon as put up.

Embassies can be notoriously difficult to contact and immigration practices change frequently, we would ask for you to be patient whilst we make enquiries and try to plan in advance, so that we can obtain the most up to date information for you.

For details of our fees or for a quote contact a member of the Benmar/TCG team for a quote tailored to your precise needs.

TCG accept Cash, Company Cheques and Credit/Debit Cards. Charges apply for credit card use.

British Passports

We are accredited agents with the Identity and Passport Service (IPS). We obey a code of conduct and are authorized to make and collect passport applications on clients’ behalf.

In addition to the usual services for first child passports, passport renewal and replacement of lost/stolen or damaged passports provided by Benmar Passport Services, we also obtain second passports for clients who have travel demands that require two fully valid passports for visa issuance.

Essential documents for a passport application are:

Completed Form (which can be collected from any post office or our offices, photocopied or internet forms are not acceptable in the U.K.)

Two Photographs (the photographic requirements are very strict and we request that you follow the IPA instructions which can be downloaded here.

In most cases one of the photographs and section 10 of the form must be countersigned by a professional who has known the applicant personally for 2 or more years and holds a British or Irish passport.

In the case of second passport applications a photocopy of the information page of the current passport will suffice, if the physical passport is unavailable, we will also require a letter from your management, record company or agent to support the application (samples are available on request).

First time Adult applications cannot be handles by an agent. A postal application must be made followed by a personal interview with IPS.

If a passport has been lost or stolen you will also need to complete the LS01 form which you can download here, the passport will take a week to process and will be returned to a home address.

Guide to Passport Photos

LS01 Lost & Stolen Form

Benmar/TCG Authorisation Form

n.b. These forms must be printed in best quality, any smudging or poor print will be rejected by IPS.

Second Passports

Second passports are a privilege, not a right. It is available to most of our clients due to their excessive travelling. We will not make an application that we do not think qualifies, but will advise clients on a case by case basis.

Children And Babies

These applications can be very confusing, and it is impossible to list all possible scenarios in these pages. Please pay special attention to IPA instructions for Countersigning and photos. For personalized help please contact us.

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